Fibre Optic Duct System

El-Dukty Fibre Optic Duct System allows for safe management of fibre optics as well as
patch cords in modern server rooms and data centres.
The system consists of modular elements, which are easily assembled or disassembled.
Thanks to its modularity the system is highly flexible and can be fitted in any room

One of the advantages of the system is its ability to modify or extend already existing
Fibre optic ducts, fibre ducts, yellow ducts are used by telecommunication services
providers and are installed in server rooms.

Process of project completion

1. The Offer

Based on visit to the location or on emailed technical drawing with the layout of the
room and its features, our designer creates first conception of our Duct System
After discussing details of installation possibilities (to existing structures, to celing,
under floor, etc.) with the client, the offer is extended by adding installation elements
and is priced.

2. Delivery of the elements

Within 2 up to 3 weeks the order is completed and the system elements are delivered to
the client.

3. Installation

The system elements are joined by fasteners, which allow for non-destructive
disassemble of the system. Therefore the system is easy to assemble or to extend. The
installation can be performed by the customer crew, or by our company crew.
After completion of the installation, the as-built documentation is prepared.

Example finished projects